Don't try to do it yourself - trust the pros with your demolition project

Demolishing a structure shouldn't be attempted without the proper tools. Careful planning will ensure that the structure doesn't cause property damage or serious injury when it collapses. Our services include:

Whether you're remodeling your kitchen or clearing the way for a new deck, you'll want to hire Granite State Demolition. We can complete residential and commercial demolition projects safely thanks to our specialized experience and specialty equipment.

We won't leave a mess behind

Our demolition services are all-inclusive, so you won't have to dispose of the debris yourself. We'll have a dumpster placed on your property so we can throw away drywall, lumber, nails and other materials as we go.

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Efficient Demolition Services Are Just a Phone Call Away

We'll tear down structures within 100 miles of Northwood, NH

Eager to get rid of an old shed, pool or porch? Granite State Demolition can remove those unwanted features from your property. We provide residential and commercial demolition services in Northwood, Manchester and Concord, NH, and beyond.

Thanks to our 20+ years of experience, you can trust us to...

  • Arrive on time with all the equipment we need
  • Operate heavy-duty machinery safely
  • Finish the job in a timely manner

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Professional Demolition Services in Northwood and Concord, NH

We are a local Patriot owned and operated demolition service, that offers the best pricing for your interior structure removal. We have extensive demolition experience, and when completing difficult, and fast-paced projects, we always prioritize safety and efficiency. Our services include demolition contracting, bathroom demolition, kitchen demolition, interior demolition, deck removals, boiler removals, chimney removals, garages, sheds etc.